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Yeah...GREEN, why not?

Earlier this year, Bob & Karen Lovell asked us if we would be willing to join them on a sailing ship adventure in the Virgin Islands. They told us that they wanted to pay for the trip. As time progressed, the sailing ship idea was replaced with a 7-day cruise of the Eastern Caribbean islands, with the idea that we would do a sailing shore excursion. This is how it all worked out......

Dallas, July 3, 2019

We had an early flight from Dallas so we spend the night at the Crowne Plaza in Dallas, which is just about 2 miles from Dallas Love field. The hotel also allows us to keep the car there for about 4.50 per night if we select the cheaper room, but free for 10 days with a more expensive room. This is the vew we had from our room.


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, July 4

We arrived about 30 minutes before Bob and they are coming down he escalator to the baggage claim..


Here's a closer look at the wall behind them...not the picture you want to see before embarking on a cruise.

We had a great supper at Sam's Italian Ristorante.

On the ship, the Celebrity Equinox, July 5

   We got a balcony suite.



   The grand lobby where we went dancing 5-6 pm before dinner. and the huge theatre ....


Believe it or not.... a grass lawn on the14th deck!


Our escort (pilot ) out of port: the Coastguard!




     happy couple

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