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Dec 09- Pearl Harbor

We had arranged for a bus to pick us up this morning for a morning at Pearl Harbor. We forgot this was the day for the Marathon Run of the
Iron Man competition, and were told that the bus could not come to the hotel because of the run. We were to walk to a place a few blocks away
where the bus would be waiting for us.
Problem is...we also had to cross the street where literally thousands of runners were running.
A policeman told us that we could cross the street by running with the runners and slowly working our way across.

So, we can now say that we "ran the marathon in Honolulu".

At Pearl Harbor, we saw the Pearl Harbor film, an onsite museum, and remnants of the Dec 07 anniversary activities.


a boat ride to the USS Arizona memorial...


the Battleship Missouri



This was the ship where in Tokyo Bay, Japan surrendered. Medallion is the exact spot on the ship.


and some neat statues


That afternoon, we had a windy patio dinner at the Yard House, across the street form the hotel.

Later that afternoon, we boarded a place to Lihue on the island of Kauai. WE arrived after dark after securing a rental car at the airport.


Dec 10 - First day in Kauai

Wake up in the dark and wait for the sunrise . Pics taken on our porch outside the resort.

Always the same... always different..




Walk along the beach...




The island of Kauai is quite small and circled with a road near the water, nearly all the way round, except for the North-East corner.

Our condo was in Lihue, on the southeast.  Since we were to be here for four and a half days, we decided to split our travelling west,
north, east and south.  Today was WEST.

We made our way to Waimea Canyon State Park and Koke'e State Park.

 Roosters everywhere!








On the way back, it stated raining and a rainbow was visible in the canyon.



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